Some thoughts on writing a scientific paper for a class assignment
L.B. Railsback, Department of Geology, University of Georgia

The following is expected for class papers, at least for Bruce Railsback's classes:

     The product will be handed in on paper.

     The product will have a title.

     The product will show the author's name and his or her academic affiliation.

     The product will have an abstract.

     The product will be double-spaced.

     The product will be paginated (it will have page numbers).

     The product will have headings.

     The product will have a list of references cited, with an internally consist and hopefully standard format.

     The product will have figures and/or tables with captions and/or headings.


There is also a more general page on writing scientific papers, a page on editing scientific papers and theses, and a page on writing scientific grant proposals .

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