A History of the University of Georgia Department of Geology:
The Adminstration and Staff

Compiled by L. Bruce Railsback, Department of Geology, University of Georgia,
with the help of Dr. Vernon. J. Hurst, Ms. Patricia Hancock, Mr. Jeffrey E. Clippard, and Mr. Christopher J. Fleisher.



Heads of the Department of Geology
Name Area of Specialization Terminal Degree, Institution, & Year Years as Head
Vernon J. Hurst Economic Geology Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1954 1961-1969
Gilles O. Allard Economic Geology Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1956 1969-1970
Norman Herz Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1950 1970-1977
F. Donald Eckelmann1 Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Columbia, 1956 1978-1981
J. Hatten Howard III Geochemistry Ph.D., Stanford, 1968 1981-1983
James A. Whitney Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Stanford, 1972 1983-1991
Norman Herz Igneous Petrology /
Archeological Geological
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1950 1991-1994
Samuel E. Swanson Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Stanford, 1974 1994-2000
Susan T. Goldstein Micropaleontology Ph.D., UC-Berkeley, 1984 2000-2006
Michael F. Roden Igneous Petrology Ph.D., MIT, 1982 2006-2012
Douglas E. Crowe Economic Geology Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1990 2012-2017
Paul A. Schroeder Clay Mineralogy Ph.D., Yale, 1992 2017-

1 Ph.D. student of J. Laurence Kulp, who was also Ph.D. advisor to Wally Broecker, Dick Holland, and Karl Turekian. Before coming to UGA, Eckelmann was head of the Department of Geology (1961-1968) at Brown and Dean (1968-1971) at Brown, and he was subsequently Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University (1985-1994). He is thus far the only head to retire from an institution other than UGA.


Associate Heads of the Department of Geology2
Name Area of Specialization Terminal Degree, Institution, & Year Years as Associate Head
Michael F. Roden Igneous Petrology Ph.D., MIT, 1982 2000-2006
Paul A. Schroeder Clay Mineralogy Ph.D., Yale, 1992 2006-2014
Raymond P. Freeman-Lynde Marine Geology Ph.D., Columbia, 1980 2014-2017
Adam Milewski Groundwater Resources Ph.D., Western Michigan, 2009 2017-
2 The position of associate head in the Department of Geology did not exist prior to July 1, 2000.




Department of Geology Staff
Name Work Area Years Served
Donnie Kitchens Secretary 1961-1967
Sylvia B. Young Office Manager 1967-1995
Billie Mack Rosser Electronics Technician 1967-1992?
Edna Parham Degree Program Assistant 1981-1987
Helen Pilcher   <1987
Sandra Whitney Microprobe Lab Technician 1970s
Patricia Ann Hancock Accountant;
Office Manager
early 1970s;
Marianna Paulsen General Technician 1983?-1985
Karen E. Rabek Microprobe Lab Technician -1983
Michael J. Dorais Microprobe Lab Technician 1983-1985
William W. Barker General Technician 1985-1987?
Christopher J. Fleisher Electron Microprobe Lab Coordinator 1985-present
Kitty Earnest Degree Program Assistant -1988?
Virginia Sheffield Secretary 1987?-1988?
Patti P. Gary Administrative Secretary; Office Manager 1981?-1999
Otis Chip Malcolm General Technician 1987?-1992?
Beatrice R. Stephens Degree Program Assistant 1988?-2010
Kimberly Kirkland Receptionist 1988?-1991
Mary Lou Grimes Secretary 1991-1994?
H. Kevin Dooley General Technician 1992?-1994?
William R. McClain General Technician 1994?-1995?
William R. McClain Research Coordinator II - Isotope Lab Technician 1995?-2002
Jeffrey E. Clippard Network Services Specialist IV 1995-2005
Vicki L. Mullis Administrative Secretary 1996?-1999
Mary A. Crowe Administrative Secretary 1999-2005
Karen Jackson Daniel Administrative Secretary 1999-2000
Mark Heiges Computer Services Specialist IV 2001-2004
Julia Elaine Cox Isotope Lab - Research Coordinator II 2002-present
Robert Phares Web Developer Associate 2005-present
J. Michael Lewis IT professional 2005-present
April F. Myers Accountant 2007-2008
Cynthia Fouche Interim Office Manager 2009-present
Rachel Ashton Business Manager 2009-present
Ashley Moore / Ashley Arnold Administrative Assistant II 2010-present


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