A History of the University of Georgia Department of Geology:
The Faculty

Compiled by L. Bruce Railsback, Department of Geology, University of Georgia
with the help of Drs. Vernon. J. Hurst, Gilles O. Allard, Susan T. Goldstein, Steven M. Holland, Mark Rich, and William McLemore,
and with information from the History of the University of Georgia by Thomas Walter Reed.


University of Georgia professors who taught Geology prior to the founding of the modern Department in 1961
(an almost inevitably incomplete list)
Name Area of Specialization Terminal Degree, Institution, & Year Years on Active Faculty Faculty rank
James Wayne Delton Jackson   A.M., University of Georgia, 1804 1823-1850 Professor of Chemistry and Geology
William Louis Jones   A.B., University of Georgia, 1845
M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York, 1848
S.B., Harvard, 1851
1851-1892 Professor of Chemistry and Geology
Joseph LeConte   A.B., University of Georgia, 1841; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York, 1845;
S.B., Harvard, 1851
1852-1856 Professor of Chemistry and Geology
Joseph Jones   M.D., University of Pennsylvania - LL.D. 1857-1858 Professor of Chemistry and Geology
Harry Hammond   A.B., University of South Carolina
M.D., University of Pennsylvania
1858-1860 Professor of Chemistry and Geology
James Woodrow   Ph.D., Heidelberg. - - - Professor of Chemistry and Geology
George Little   Ph.D., University of Göttingen 1876-1878 Professor of Geology
J.W. Spencer Glacial geomorphology;
sedimentary geology
Ph.D., University of Göttingen 1888-1890 Professor of Geology
Henry Clay White Chemistry University of Virginia 1872-1927 Professor of Chemistry and Geology
Sten Ragner Eyolf Cullin Petroleum Geology Ph.D., Pittsburgh, 1923 1923 Associate Professor
Geoffrey W. Crickmay General Geology Ph.D., Yale, 1930 1937-1945 Associate Professor
Eldon J. Parizek Geomorphology Ph.D., Iowa, 1949 1940s-1950s Assistant(?) Professor
James F. Woodruff Geomorphology Ph.D., Michigan, 1952 Middle 1950s Assistant(?) Professor
W. Robert Power, Jr. Economic Geology Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1960 late 1950s-1961 Assistant(?) Professor
Charles A. Salotti Mineralogy Ph.D., Michigan, 1960 1959-1970 Associate Professor
Vernon J. Henry Geological Oceanography Ph.D., Texas A&M, 1961 1961-1982 Professor
John H. Hoyt Sedimentology Ph.D., Colorado, 1960 1960-1970 Associate Professor
John S. Schlee Marine Sedimentology Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1956 <1961-1962 Associate Professor





Faculty Members of the modern UGA Geology faculty
in chronological order of their arrival

(The first four pre-dated the founding of the modern Department of Geology in July 1961.)
Name Area of Specialization Terminal Degree, Institution, & Year Years on Active Faculty Faculty rank at end of active service (or at present)
Charles A. Salotti Mineralogy Ph.D., Michigan, 1960 1959-1970 Associate Professor
Vernon J. Henry Geological Oceanography Ph.D., Texas A&M, 1961 1961-1982 Professor
John H. Hoyt Sedimentology Ph.D., Colorado, 1960 1960-1970 Associate Professor
John S. Schlee Marine Sedimentology Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1956 <1961-1962 Associate Professor
Vernon J. Hurst Economic Geology Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1954 1961-1991 Professor
Lawrence D. Ramspott Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Penn State, 1962 1962-1967 Assistant Professor
Orrin H. Pilkey, Jr. Coastal Geology Ph.D., Florida State, 1962 1962-1965 Assistant Professor
Paul A. Wood Vertebrate Paleontology Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1962 1962-1964 Assistant Professor
Kenneth Hamblin Sedimentology Ph.D., Michigan, 1955 1962-1963 Associate Professor
Mark Rich Stratigraphy Ph.D., Illinois, 1959 1963-1990 Professor
         Landis           1963-<1966 Assistant Professor
Robert E. Carver Sedimentology Ph.D., Missouri, 1961 1964-1993 Professor
Edward A. Stanley Paleopalynology Ph.D., Penn State, 1960 1964->1975 Professor
Paul Bennett Economic Geology Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1961 1964 Assistant Professor
"Thelma" Isaacs           1964-1965 Assistant Professor
Armando A. Giardini Mineralogy Ph.D., Michigan, 1956 1965-~1986 Professor
Gilles O. Allard Economic Geology Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1956 1965-1991 Professor
Keith Frye Mineralogy Ph.D., Penn State, 1965 1965-1966 Assistant Professor
Warren C. Forbes Mineralogy Ph.D., Brown, 1966 1965-1966 Assistant Professor
Richard H. Lefebvre Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology Ph.D., Northwestern, 1966 1965-1967 Assistant Professor
James D. Howard Marine Sedimentology Ph.D., Brigham Young, 1965 1965-1968 Assistant Professor
E. Jane Durisek Igneous Petrology M.S., Penn State, 1964 1965-1967 Instructor
Sumner Long Stratigraphy Ph.D., Colorado, 1966 1966-ca. 1970 Assistant Professor
Dennis Radcliffe Mineralogy Ph.D., Queens, 1966 1966-1971 Assistant(?) Professor
Michael R. Voorhies Vertbrate Paleontology Ph.D., Wyoming, 1966 1966-1973 Associate(?) Professor
Arthur Ritchie Geochemistry      1967-1968 Assistant Professor
John E. Noakes Geochronology Ph.D.,Texas A&M, 1962 <1968-present Professor
Charles W. Blount Geochemistry Ph.D., UCLA, 1965 1967-<1975 Assistant Professor
Anton Brown Structural Geology Ph.D., Queens (Canada), 1968 1967-1971 Assistant Professor
Hartmut U. Wiedemann Sedimentology Ph.D., Stuttgart, 1966 1967-1970 Assistant Professor
Barun K. Sen-Gupta Micropaleontology Ph.D., India Inst. of Tech., 1963 1967-<1981 Professor
Robert H. Carpenter Economic Geology Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1965 1967-<1981 Professor
J. Hatten Howard III Geochemistry Ph.D., Stanford, 1968 1967-1992 Associate Professor
Timothy N. Chowns Sedimentology Ph.D., Newcastle (U.K.), 1968 1967-<1972 Assistant Professor
Charles R. Givens Invertebrate Paleontology Ph.D., UC-Riverside, 1968 <1968-<1972 Assistant Professor
Arthur David Cohen Coal Geology Ph.D., Penn State, 1968 1968 Assistant Professor
Norman Herz Igneous Petrology
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1950 <1972-1994 Professor
George S. Koch, Jr. Economic Geology Ph.D., Harvard, 1955 <1972-1992? Professor
Serge Gonzales Economic Geology Ph.D., Cornell, 1963 <1972-<1986 Associate Professor
T. H. Pearce Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Queens, 1967 <1972-<1975 Assistant Professor
Lois M. Jones Geochemistry Ph.D., Ohio State, 1969 1970-<1981 Assistant(?) Professor
George F. Oertel Geological Oceanography Ph.D., Iowa, 1971 <1972-<1975 Assistant Professor
Robert W. Frey Invertebrate Paleontology Ph.D., Indiana, 1969 <1972-1992 Professor
David B. Wenner Geochemistry Ph.D., Cal Tech, 1971 1970-2007 Associate Professor
R. David Dallmeyer Structural Geology;
Ph.D., SUNY-Stony Brook, 1972 1972-2010 Professor
John C. ("Jay") Stormer, Jr. Mineralogy & Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Berkeley, 1971 1971-1983 Associate Professor
James A. Whitney Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Stanford, 1972 1972-2001 Professor
Albert J. Erickson Marine Geophysics Ph.D., M.I.T., 1970 <1975-<1981 Assistant Professor
Paul Pinet Geological Oceanography Ph.D., Rhode Island, 1972 <1975-<1981
F. Donald Eckelmann Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Columbia, 1956 <1981-<1986 Professor
C. Woodbridge Hickcox Structural Geology Ph.D., Rice, 1971 <1981-<1986 Assistant(?) Professor
Brooks B. Elwood Paleomagnetism Ph.D., Rhode Island, 1976 <1981-1983 Associate Professor
Paul F. Ciesielski Micropaleontology Ph.D., Florida State, 1978 <1981-1983 Assistant (?) Professor
Michael Ledbetter Marine Geology Ph.D., Rhode Island, 1977 <1981-1983 Assistant(?) Professor
S. George Pemberton Sedimentology Ph.D., McMaster, 1978 1978-1981 Assistant Professor
Willis B. Hayes Biological Oceanography Ph.D., UC-San Diego, 1969 <1981-~1992 Research Associate
G. Cleve Solomon Geochemistry Ph.D., Cal Tech, 1989 1983-1985? Assistant Professor
Barbara L. Ruff Vertebrate Paleontology M.S., Georgia, 1975 1982-1999 Instructor
Daniel J. Spariosu Paleomagnetism Ph.D., Columbia, 1983 1983-1989? Assistant Professor
Susan T. Goldstein Micropaleontology Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1983 1984-present Professor
Michael F. Roden Igneous Petrology Ph.D., M.I.T., 1982 1984-present Professor
Raymond P. Freeman-Lynde Marine Geology Ph.D., Columbia, 1980 1984-present Associate Professor
Jeffrey D. Keith Economic Geology Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1982 1984-1990 Associate Professor
Elizabeth A. Gordon Sedimentology Ph.D., SUNY-Binghamton, 1986 <1986-1993? Assistant Professor
John R. Ertel Marine Chemistry Ph.D., Washington, 1985 <1988-1993? Assistant Professor
L. Bruce Railsback Sedimentary Petrology Ph.D., Illinois, 1989 1989-present Professor
Robert B. Hawman Geophysics - Seismology Ph.D., Princeton, 1988 1990-present Associate Professor
Alberto E. Patino-Douce Experimental Petrology Ph.D., Oregon, 1990 1990-present Professor
Steven M. Holland Stratigraphy Ph.D., Chicago, 1990 1991-present Professor
Douglas E. Crowe Economic Geology Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1990 1991-present Professor
Paul A. Schroeder Clay Mineralogy Ph.D., Yale, 1992 1991-present Professor
Marta L. Patino-Douce Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Buenos Aires, 1990 1991?-present Senior Lecturer & Adjunct Professor
Bert H. Taylor Photogeology M.S., Georgia, 1990 1991?-1995? Instructor
Robert M. Kalin Hydrogeology Ph.D., Arizona, 1994 1992-1995? Assistant Professor
John F. Dowd Hydrogeology Ph.D., Yale, 1984 1992-present Assistant Professor
Ervan G. Garrison Geoarcheology Ph.D., Missouri, 1979 1992-present Professor
Sally E. Walker Invertebrate Paleontology Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 1988 1993-present Professor
Samuel E. Swanson Igneous Petrology Ph.D., Stanford, 1974 1994-2015 Professor
Valentine A. Nzengung Groundwater &
Ph.D., Georgia Tech, 1993 1995-present Professor
Sandra J. Wyld Structural Geology / Tectonics Ph.D., Stanford, 1991 1996-2012 Professor
Christopher S. Romanek Low-temperature geochemistry Ph.D., Texas A&M, 1991 1997-2009 Associate Professor
James E. Wright Geochronology / Tectonics Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara, 1980 2000-present Professor
Adam M. Milewski Groundwater Resources Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 2009 2011-present Assistant Professor
Christian Klimczak Structural Geology Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno, 2011 2014-present Assistant Professor



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