Possible areas of graduate student research with Bruce Railsback
     Department of Geology, University of Georgia

      Bruce Railsback has supervised graduate students who have worked on a variety of projects. Specific areas of interest for future student projects include . . .

  • Speleothem studies. Railsback collaborates with George Brook of the UGA Geography Department on studies of speleothems as paleoclimate records. It has proven most effective for students to have Dr. Brook as their advisor, but Railsback remains ready to serve as a resource for such students and is enthusiastic about studies of speleothems. Such students earn Geology or Geography M.S. or Ph.D. degrees, depending on their area of interest. For more, see the UGA Laboratory for Speleothem Research web page.

  • Studies of diagenesis of limestones. Railsback is interested in many aspects of diagenesis of limestones. One area of interest has been geochemical detection of surfaces of subaerial exposure at parasequence boundaries, and within parasequences, and within pre-later-Ordovician limestones (those that predate fossil land plants). This work has included stable isotope analysis, trace element analysis, and detailed petrography. This could be an area of M.S. or Ph.D. work.

  • Studies of stylolites. Railsback has a large collection of slabbed rocks with stylolites on which measurements could be made beyond those made in previous studies. He also has the unslabbed remains of many of those rocks, on which three-dimensional analysis could be done. He is also interested in projects that would involve new sampling. This could be an area of M.S. or Ph.D. work.

  • Studies of variation in the acidity of rainwater. Railsback has never followed up on his research on short-term variation in rainwater acidity, partly because of the logistical hassles. However, he would be willing to supervise a student interested in such a project. This could be an area of M.S. work.

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