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Bruce Railsback

Professor, Department of Geology, University of Georgia

Area of specialization:
    Sedimentary Petrology - Geochemistry - Speleothems - Paleoclimate


  • B.A, History, University of Iowa, 1980.
  • B.S., Geology, University of Iowa, 1981.
  • M.S., Geology, University of Iowa, 1983.
  • Exploration Geologist, Shell Oil, New Orleans, 1983-1985
  • Ph.D., Geology, University of Illinois, 1989.

  • Faculty Member, University of Georgia, 1989-present.
             Assistant Professor 1989-1994.
             Associate Professor 1994-2002.
             Full Professor 2002-present.
  • Member of the Graduate Faculty, University of Georgia, 1990-present

  • Temporary Member of the Graduate Faculty, University of Alabama, 2006-2009
  • Correlatore (secondary doctoral advisor), Universita degli Studi di Cagliari
             (University of Cagliari), Italy, 2009 to 2010.
  • Doctoral reviewer, University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, 2013.

  • Visiting Faculty Member, University of New Orleans-Innsbruck, 1997-2008:
             Visiting Associate Professor, 1997, 1998, and 2002.
             Visiting Professor, 2003, 2004, 2007, and 2008.

  • UGA Geology Professor of the Year, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2011.
  • UGA Geology Teacher of the Year, 1993.

    Research Interests and Publications

  • Research interests
  • Information for possible collaborators
  • List of published papers, with links to PDFs of some

    Additional Pages for Prospective Graduate Students

  • Former Graduate Students
  • The Sedimentary Petrology/Geochemistry Lab
  • A note for prospective students who are not native speakers of English

    Courses Taught

  • Earth Processes and Environments - Physical Geology* (Physical Geology for undergraduate non-majors and perhaps majors too).
  • Earth's History of Global Change* (Historical Geology for undergraduate non-majors).
  • Sedimentary Petrology (formerly part of our Mineralogy-Petrology sequence for undergraduate Geology majors).
  • Alpine and Glacial Geology (taught in Innsbruck, Austria, in the UNO program in some summers).
  • Elementary Oceanography (a no-prequisite general survey of all marine sciences for undergraduates).
  • Petroleum Geology (a course undergraduates who have taken at least one geology class and for graduate students).
  • Earth Surface Geochemistry (a graduate course examining natural waters, soils, sediments, and sedimentary rocks).
  • Carbonate Petrology (a graduate course on the petrology of limestones and dolostones).
  • Sandstone Petrology (a graduate course on sand, sandstones, porosity, permeability, and even a little petroleum geology).
              A self-report on Railsback's teaching.

    Pages for Educators:

  • Virtual field trips.
  • Diagrams and documents used in teaching basic classes and available to educators.
  • Field images used in teaching and available to educators.
  • Earth-surface images used in teaching and available to educators.
  • Some Fundamentals of Mineralogy and Geochemistry.
  • Diagrams used in teaching upper-level classes and available to educators.

    Pages for Students

  • UGA's On-line lab safety training
  • Advice to students about graduate school and about academic careers
  • A page of Comments on ethical issues about research
  • Advice on Writing scientific papers and theses
          Writing grant proposals
          Editing scientific writing, mostly for grad students
          Making plots to accompany papers
          Giving a scientific talk
  • Pages on What Science is (and isn't) for students in core courses

    Other Geo-Academic Stuff

  • An on-line Atlas of Speleothem Microfabrics.
  • An Earth Scientist's Periodic Table.
  • An on-line Atlas of Pressure-Dissolution Features.
  • Beach and Shoreline Sands From Around the World.
  • A summary of The Geology of Georgia
  • A modern reprise of T.C. Chamberlin's Multiple Working Hypotheses

    Other strange stuff

  • Buildings and Building Stones - a Gallery
  • Pages on The History of the UGA Geology Department.
  • The Transilience Project .
  • Even stranger stuff on a personal web page.
                          Stuff just for fun.

    Contact Information:

  • Phone: 1-706-542-3453      Fax: 1-706-542-2425
  • U.S. Mail: Bruce Railsback, Department of Geology, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 30602-2501 U.S.A.

  • Railsback's office is in Room 133 in the northwest corner of the first floor of the Geology-Geography Building.
  • Railsback's departmental mail box is in Room 306B in the south hallway of the third floor of the Geology-Geography Building.
  • email:  Persons using email to request unpaid labor, such as reviewing, might be interested in these comments on requests for work
  • Inquiries for the UGA Geology Department, including inquiries of the type beginning " I would like for a geology professor to look at a rock I've found . . .", should be sent to


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