This page provides links to diagrams or documents drafted by Dr. Bruce Railsback for geology classes at the University of Georgia. Educators are welcome to use these documents in their teaching, so long as the images are not reproduced in publications and are not used for financial gain. Persons wishing to use these documents in publications should contact Email to Railsback (

Many of the diagrams previously available here are now available at Some Fundamentals of Mineralogy and Geochemistry.



Some diagrams used in upper-level classes:

A figure showing the size of objects from protons to the Earth, with its implications for the smallest organisms and mineral particles.

A plot of the Abundances and half-lives of C, N, O, and S isotopes.

A graphic explanation of Fick's First and Second Laws of diffusion (for the calculus-impaired).

A synthetic well log showing responses to different lithologies.

An illustration comparing earthquake seismograms and traces on seismic sections.

A plot of porosity and permeability of sands as functions of grain size and sorting.

A chart of the geochemical redox conditions of some important elements.

Of Ions and Orbitals - a large pdf diagram pondering coordination and structure of molecules and crystals.

An Earth Scientist's Periodic Table.

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