Joseph Jones,
Professor of Geology at the University of Georgia from 1857 to 1858

        Joseph Jones was a Professor of Chemistry and Geology at the University of Georgia in 1857 and 1858, during the period of turmoil late in the presidency of the University of Alonzo Church.

        Joseph Jones was born in Liberty County, Georgia, in 1833.  He was the son of Charles Colcock Jones Sr. and Mary Jones, who were first cousins.  Charles Colcock Jones Sr. (1804-1863) was a well-to-do planter born at Liberty Hall, the family plantation, and he also became a famous Presbyterian minister of whom much has been written.  Another son of Charles Colcock Jones Sr. and Mary Jones was Charles Colcock Jones Jr. (1831-1893), who wrote at least five books on the history of Georgia and was called "the MacCauley of the South", in reference to the famous British historian Thomas Babington Macaulay.

        As the son of a planter, Joseph Jones was educated by tutors.  He went on to earn a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania, as would his successor at UGA, Harry Hammond.  He then taught at the Savannah Medical College.

        In 1857 Jones came to the University of Georgia to succeed Joseph LeConte as Professor of Chemistry and Geology.  The late 1850s were a period of turmoil at the University as the faculty feuded with the President in the newspapers, and ultimately the Board of Trustees asked for the resignations of the entire faculty so that a house-cleaning could take place.  In this climate, Jones stayed one year and then left, to be succeeded by Harry Hammond, who likewise stayed one year and then left.  Jones held the title of " Professor of Chemistry and Geology", but his papers provide no evidence that he ever took a course on Geology or taught Geology.

        After serving as a major in the Confederate Army and writing reports on Southern hospitals for the Confederate Surgeon General, he went on to be a professor of Chemistry and Clinical Medicine at the University of Louisiana, carrying on research regarding southern diseases.  He died, presumably in Louisiana, in 1896.




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