Henry Clay White,
Professor of Chemistry, and occasionally Geology,
at the University of Georgia from 1872 to 1928

        Henry Clay White was a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Georgia from 1872 to 1928.  He was at least responsible for teaching geology at times during that period, although it is not clear how often he did so.  Reed (Chapter VIII, p. 17/1046) lists "H.C. White" as "Professor of Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Geology, and Mineralogy" in 1878, and Reed later (Chapter X, p. 2/1504) lists "Henry C. White" as a "Professor of Chemistry and Geology" from 1872 to 1928.  The spirit of White's relationship to Geology may be seen in Reed's (Chapter X, p. 2/1504) statement that "Dr. White paid considerable attention to Geology, but Chemistry was the main field in which he labored."  It may also be seen in this passage regarding the University's teaching much later, in the early 1920s (Reed, p. 9/2509):

The chair of Geology had long been vacant and the trustees decided to revive that work in the University.  Dr. Eyolf Cullen, a native of Denmark, was elected, and for a while taught the classes in geology.  He did not, however, possess enough knowledge of the use of the English language to enable him to successfully teach his subject and remained in the faculty for only one year.  Then the teaching of geology went back to Dr. H.C. White, head of the Chemistry department, for a few years.

        Henry Clay White was instead a famous Professor of Chemistry, and made many contributions with regard to agriculture.  With regard to the natural sciences, he is remembered for becoming a supporter of the theory of evolution as early as 1875.  He taught until just a few weeks before he died in 1927, having thus served the University fifty-five years.



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