Sten Ragner Eyolf Cullin,
Associate Professor of Geology at the University of Georgia in 1923

        Sten Ragner Eyolf Cullin was an Associate Professor of Geology at the University of Georgia in 1923. He was a native of Denmark, but he had earned his Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh, where he completed a dissertation on "Comparison of Formations Overlying and Underlying Oil Sands" in 1923.

        Reed (Chapter X p. 3/1505) tells this story of how Cullin came to the University:

. . . the Prudential Committee of the trustees began to look around for another teacher of Geology, and this time they selected a Dane, Dr. Eyolf Cullen.  Dr. Cullen appeared before the Prudential Committee for a personal interview.  As he could not speak English very fluently, he brought his wife along with him as a kind of interpreter.  Mrs. Cullen was a very attractive and cultured young woman.  She naturally did most of the talking and made out a good case for her husband.  The committee took that matter under consideration and as a result Dr. Collen was elected. He got the position, but it was generally considered that Mrs. Cullen made the sale.

In a later chapter, Reed finishes the story (Chapter XIII, p. 9/2509):

. . . Dr. Eyolf Cullen, a native of Denmark, . . . for a while taught the classes in geology.  He did not, however, possess enough knowledge of the use of the English language to enable him to successfully teach his subject and remained in the faculty for only one year.



Thomas Walter Reed 's History of the University of Georgia, (~1949).


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