Geoffrey W. Crickmay,
Associate Professor of Geology at the University of Georgia

        Geoffrey W. Crickmay was born in 1905 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  He attended the University of British Columbia and graduated with a B.A. degree in Geology in 1927.  He went on to the Graduate School of Geology at Yale, where he earned a Ph.D. in 1930.  His Ph.D. dissertation was on the Taconic Orogeny in Quebec, and it was published in the American Journal of Science. At Yale he would have studied under the likes of Chester Longwell, Adolph Knopf, Richard Flint, and Carl Dunbar

        After graduate from Yale, Crickmay worked with the U.S. Geological Survey and then the Georgia State Department of Mines.  However, his enthusiasm for teaching led him take a position as an associate professor of Geology at the University of Georgia.  Among his students there was the young Vernon J. Hurst, who would go on to be the first head the of the modern Department of Geology of the University of Georgia in 1961.

        Crickmay was at the University for at least four years: Dow Hamm's memorial says he stayed for four years, whereas Tom Reed's History of the University of Georgia says he was a faculty member from 1937 to 1945.  The conflict seemingly lies in Crickmay's service in the United States Navy in World War II, a time in which he may have remained nominally on the faculty.  Reed (Chapter X, p. 3/1505) says of Crickmay "He made a good impression from the beginning and was just hitting his stride when along came World War II with all the disruption of University faculties throughout the land.  He is now absent on leave.  When he returns he will find plenty to do . . .".

        However, if Crickmay returned after the war at all, it was only briefly.   After World War II he worked for Atlantic Refining Company (later Atlantic Richfield and then ARCO).  His work for Atlantic took him first to Venezuela, then to Calgary, and finally to Brisbane, Australia.  He retired in 1967, and he died in Laguna Hills, California, in 1971.




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