The University of Georgia Laboratory for Speleothem Studies is a suite of laboratories involved the analysis of speleothems, both to address research questions about stalagmites, stalactites, and flowstones and to recover information for paleoenvironmental interpretation. Our research includes study of speleothems from Africa, Asia, and North America, and has been funded by The National Science Foundation, The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and The National Geographic Society, and it has involved speleothems from Madagascar, Botswana, Namibia, Egypt, Britain, Belize, the United States, and China.

     Speleothems are fascinating in themselves as growing and often beautiful mineral deposits from within the earth. Their principal scientific significance is their use as paleoenvironmental records. As interest in the modern earth-surface environment has grown, the need for a better understanding of the history of that environment has grown too. However, materials at the land surface, such as soils, undergo constant erosion, so that their preservation as a paleoenvironmental record is limited. Speleothems, on the other hand, provide a valuable paleoenvironmental record because they form near the earth surface and respond to changing earth-surface conditions, but they reside below the surface and thus are protected from erosion and destruction for millenia.

    Dr. George Brook is one of the principal researchers in the UGA Laboratory for Speleothem Studies. He is a geomorphologist and paleoclimatologist whose research has included the study of karst terraines in Canada, the U.S., Egypt, southern Africa, and China.

    Dr. Bruce Railsback, the other principal researcher in the UGA Laboratory for Speleothem Studies, is a carbonate petrologist whose research began in the diagenesis of limestones. His work has focused on limestones ranging in age from Ordovician to Quaternary, as well as on a variety of speleothems. His interests in speleothems include the recognition of annual or other layers, the distinction between diagenetic and primary fabrics, and the identification and significance of detrital materials in speleothems.

     Past graduate students in this program included Jian (Richard) Chen, Margaret Rafter (now Margaret Rafter Millings), Ethan A. Goddard, James W. Webster, Shaw-Wen Sheen, James Baldini, and Joe T. Elkins. Hong-lin Xiao of the Department of Geography is presently working on a doctoral project.

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Selected Publications:

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Elkins, Joe T., and Railsback, L. Bruce, Evaluation of the effect of oven roasting at 340°C, bleach, 30% H2O2, and distilled/deionized water on the δ13C value of speleothem carbonate: in press with Journal of Cave and Karst Studies.

Theses and Dissertations:

Chen, Jian, 1992, Climate variations in Botswana over the later 600 years: Evidence from annual growth layers in a stalagmite from Drotsky's Cave, Ngamiland, Botswana: M.S. Thesis, University of Georgia, 125 p.

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Elkins, Joe Travis, 2002, Use of δ13C values of soil organic matter in speleothems as a new proxy for paleovegetation and interpreting paleoclimate.

Contact Information:

George Brook:
Phone: 706-542-2322      Fax: 706-542-2388
U.S. Mail: Bruce Railsback, Department of Geography, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 30602-2502 U.S.A.

Bruce Railsback:
Phone: 706-542-3453      Fax: 706-542-2425
U.S. Mail: Bruce Railsback, Department of Geology, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 30602-2501 U.S.A.



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