Earth Scientists would want a table more like this. Note the charges shown on all the symbols: at Na+, I would emphasize that we're thinking about sodium ions, either in albite, or dissolved in seawater, or in some other natural context. There is no elemental sodium in nature, so we don't need to show that.

        In red, I've shown things that I have to move from the right side of the conventional table in order to make this new table organized by charge. If charge is going to increase regularly from Na+ to Mg2+ and then to Al3+ and Si4+, I need to move Al and Si and P and S over from the right. I've also moved the actinides up to follow radium, because they too increase by one unit of charge across the table.

        The image above is a simple table. On the new table . . . . . .  

Image                                             Image


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