Figure 3-8. A: Several small stylolites at left (small red arrows) merging into two more prominent
stylolites at center (larger red arrows) that merge into one prominent stylolite at right (large red arrow).
Area in red rectangle is shown in B. B: Higher-magnification view of area in red rectangle in A.
Note dolomite rhombs that have accumulated as a residue in the styolite (red D) as dolomite rhombs
in surrounding rock (green D) have been delivered to stylolite. Also note that dolomite rhomb at left has
"led" its column of the stylolite upward because of its low pressure solubility.

      Photomicrograph was taken in plane-polarized light; field of view is 4.2 mm wide. Devonian, Alpena,
Michigan; Sample ME70-3; thin section ME70-3. Sample collected by L. Bruce Railsback.

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