Figure 3-5. A: Downward-projecting column of a stylolite in bioclastic packstone to grainstone. Red rectangles indicate areas of B and C. B: Higher-magnification image of left side of column in A, showing that the left side is a serrate stylolite-like feature itself. C: Higher-magnification image of right side of column in A, showing a calcite-filled area (C) parallel to the column's side. The features in B and C are compatible with initial stylolite formation due to vertical compression and then horizontal stress that shift the lower block to the right .

       Another microscopic image shows a similarly modified stylolite, and a hand-sample image likewise shows a modified stylolite of the same sort.

      Photomicrograph was taken in plane-polarized light; field of view of A is 1.6 mm wide. Insterstate 24 roadcut near Monteagle, Tennessee, U.S.A.; Sample ME4-9; thin section ME4-9. Sample collected by L. Bruce Railsback.

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