Courthouse in Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana
Building Image
      This Romanesque Revival building in Richmond, Indiana, is the Wayne County Courthouse. Designed by architect James W. McLaughlin (1834-1923), it was built in the early 1890s and finished in 1893. Much of the building is light gray-brown Mississippian skeletal-oolitic limestone (just below) from Lawrence Couny in southern Indiana. The grainy nature of the limstone is visible in the overhanging surface at the upper left of the image below. Those grains are mostly small pieces of fossils. The base of the building (see bottom image) is a dark gray "granite" (perhaps a granodiorite?) quarried in Concord, New Hampshire (the Granite State).

      The roof of the buidling is gray slate; note how its foliated nature makes it reflective in the wet conditions shown above in late November 2001. The original roof was red slate. The building thus employs all three major rock types (igneous in the base, sedimentary in most of the walls, and metamorphic on the roof). The lower two are easily examined on the south side of the building; if the roof were accessible, the building could be used a petrologic teaching tool.

Stone Image
Stone Image
      Information about the Wayne County Courthouse came from WayneNet.


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