Images from in and around Innsbruck:

The building in which UNO-Innsbruck classes meet (and note the Calcareous Alps behind).

The dome of the Mariahilfe Church just across the river from where UNO-Innsbruck's classes meet. Note the clearing on the eroded glacial terrace below the heights of the Calcareous Alps.

the Inn Bridge, Innsbruck, and Alps behind.

Innsbruck and the metamorphic Alps behind them as viewed from Arzl, a village that is about a 10-minute bus ride from Innsbruck.

Schloss Ambras, the Hapsburg castle just outside Innsbruck.

A favorite non-geologic image from Innsbruck: One restaurant, three languages.

Images farther afield in the Tirol:

Arzl (to right) and the conical hill visited by one of our field trips.

A view in the the Calcareous Alps above Innsbruck. (On a clear day, you can see through the notch on the horizon at center to the German foreland plain.)

The Achensee lake and the Calcareous Alps from the bergstation (upper terminus) of the Maurach cable car near Jenbach, east of Innsbruck.

A view of the Calcareous Alps (right) and Metamorphic Alps (left) from the Rofanspitze, the mountaintop to which one walks from the upper terminus of the Maurach cable car (previous image).

The Calcareous Alps from Hall , a village just east of Innsbruck and on the Innsbruck bus system

View of a glacier from above the Stubai cable car run. Note the crevasses where the glacier bends in its flow down the mountain.

The Metamorphic Alps from the Schaufelferner Glacier above Stubai in the Tyrol, Austria.

Lateral moraines flanking Stampflkees Glacier above Schlegeisstausee, Tirol, Austria.


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