This is the homepage for an ongoing project to collect and display historical and current images of glaciers in the Tirol of western Austria. The goal of this project is to allow comparison of alpine glaciers as they existed earlier (typically in the early 1900s) and their present, commonly much smaller, form. The ultimate significance of this project to allow evaluation of the extent to which climate change, and presumably global warming, have impacted these glaciers.

          The following examples are now available:
                    Waxeggkees Glacier at Berliner Hütte above Breitlaner and Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria.
                    Schlegeis Glacier above Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria.
                    Furtschaglkees Glacier in the Schlegeisgrund above Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria.
                    Floitenkees Glacier in the Floitengrund above Ginzling and Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria.
                    Gaisbergferner Glacier above Obergurgl in the upper Ötztal, Tirol, Austria.

          Locations to be photographed in 2004 include:
                    Greizer Hütte and the Floitenkees glacier from an angle nearer that of earlier photographs.
                    Furtschagelkees Glacier from an angle nearer that of early photographs.

          This project depends on the availabilty of old pictures of Tirolean glaciers. If you have old postcards or other pictures showing Tirolean glaciers and would be willing to share them with this project, please contact Bruce Railsback by email at ( . You would not need to send your postcard or picture itself, because just a jpeg image (preferably more than 600 pixels wide) will do. On the other hand, you could send the postcard or picture, and Railsback could scan it and return it to you. The project needs photographs from all decades, not just 1900-1910, and of all Tirolean glaciers, whether they have advanced or receded.

          This project is the work of Dr. Bruce Railsback. He is a Professor of Geology at the University of Georgia in the United States and Visiting Professor of Geology with the University of New Orleans - Innsbruck International Summer School in Innsbruck, Austria. This project has arisen from his work while teaching an Alpine & Glacial Geology course in the UNO-Innsbruck program.  


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Images of change in glaciers in other parts of the world include the following:
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There is a more quantitative analysis of change in glaciers in Land Salzburg at a web page featuring the work of Prof. Heinz Slupetzky of the Institut für Geographie of the Universität Salzburg.

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