A Trip Down the Inn

by Bruce Railsback, Visiting Professor of Geology, UNO-Innsbruck

        This page begins a series of pages with images from along the Inn River above and below Innsbruck in the Austrian land of Tirol. This virtual trip down the river begins above Landeck, west and upriver from Innsbruck, and will end in Kufstein, east and downriver. Along the way, you'll see lots of the Alps, many pretty churches, pastoral scenes, and bits of daily life in Tirol.

        There are three ways to make the trip:

  • 1. For the most thorough viewers, you can walk through almost all the images by using the "on to the next image in the full trip" links on each page. Occasionally you have the option of making sidetrips to a few extra images too; links from the side trips will return you to the regular full tour. Go!   Go!

  • 2. For those who want a shorter trip, you can walk through about twelve of the images by using the "on to the next image in the shorter trip of highlights" link. Go!

  • 3. For those who want to pick and choose, you can use the list below, returning to it after each image with the "back to the Trip down the Inn page" link.

    You also change strategies any time you like, simply by changing the link you choose.


    The full trip: Onward to the first image of the full trip.  Go!

    The highlights: Onward to the first image of the highlights.

    The full list of images (Highlights are in bold):

      Upstream of Innsbruck, beginning above Landeck:
    An old bridge near Fliess.
    The Inn's canyon above Landeck.
    Schloss Landeck - the Landeck castle.
    The confluence of the Sanna and Inn in Landeck.
    The Kronburg.
    A chapel near Mils.
    The Tschirgant.
    Two bridges at Imst.
    A view from the Imst bridge.
    The Inn Gorge.
    The Inn Gorge, with traffic.
    In the depths of the Inn Gorge.
    River traffic at Roppen.
    Two views of Haiming and its church.
    A view of the Inn Valley east from Haiming.
    A view back west to Haiming.
    Two views of farmhouses in Simmering.
    Haystacks between Simmering and Mötz.
    A haying barn.
    The Inn River at Mötz.
    Stams's abbey and ski school.

      Upstream of Innsbruck, from Telfs to Innsbruck:
    A view down the Inn from Telfs.
    The village square in Pfaffenhofen.
    Telfs, as seen from across the valley in Pfaffenhofen .
    A mosque and its minaret in Telfs .
    Corn drying in Oberhofen.
    A view of the Inn Valley floor.
    The village of Polling.
    The village of Hatting.
    The village of Leiblfing.
    A barn with a message.
    Another barn with a message.
    A view down the Inn from the Hatting bridge.
    The Gaisau pond, with ducks.
    Another view of the Gaisau pond.
    The train station at Zirl.
    Two castles above Zirl.
    A view across the Inn into Zirl.
    A street in Zirl.
    A house in Zirl near the parish church.
    The interior of the parish church in Zirl .
    Zirl's Kalvarienberg church.
    The Inn downstream from Zirl.
    Tunnels and arcades of the railway above the Inn opposite Kematen.

    A view of the Inn west from the Sieglanger Bridge in western Innsbruck.
    The autobahn, as seen from the Sieglanger Bridge in western Innsbruck.
    Innsbruck from above - a view from the Halflekar.
    The railroad bridge in western Innsbruck.
    The Universitätshauptgebäude.
    Josef Moeller Haus and Bruno Sander Haus.
    The Mariahilfe Kirche.
    The Universitätskirche.
    The doors of the Universitätskirche.
    The Baroque interior of the Universitätskirche.
    The Patscherkofel.
    A Message from the Past, written on the Inn Floodwall.
    A trip up to a Kalvarienberg church.
    The Inn Bridge and the Altstadt.
    Serles and the Nockspitze.
    Herzog Friederich Strasse.
    The Goldenes Dachl in Innbruck's Altstadt.
    Innbruck's Kristallnacht monument, and its synagogue.
    The Nordkette.
    The Innsteg Bridge.
    St. Nikolaus Kirche.
    The cemetery of St. Nikolaus Kirche.
    A statue in the St. Nikolaus Kirche cemetery.
    Fallbachgasse 2.
    The Hans Psenner Steg from afar.
    The Hans Psenner Steg from inside.
    The view from the Hans Psenner Steg of the Hungerburgbahn.
    The Evangelical Church.
    Innsbruck's Muslim places of worship.
    The view downstream from the Muhlau bridge.
    The Anton Rauch mill in Muhlau.
    The railroad bridge over the Inn in northeast Innsbruck.
    A Regionalzug crossing the Inn in northeast Innsbruck.
    The confluence of the Inn and the Sill.
    The view downstream from the Grenobler Brücke.
    A last look back at Innsbruck and the Alps to the south.

      Downstream from Innsbruck to Rattenberg:
    A view of the eastern Inn Valley from above.
    Traditional Tirolean haystacks near Thaur.
    An electrical power station on the Inn valley floor.
    The railroad yards in Hall-in-Tirol.
    The four towers of Hall-in-Tirol.
    The Munztürm in Hall-in-Tirol.
    A view in Hall-in-Tirol.
    An unusual railroad bridge downstream from Hall-in-Tirol.
    A mountain stream - more or less - in Volders.
    Baumkirchen and the Calcareous Alps.
    A country shrine near Baumkirchen.
    Franz-Josef Strasse in Schwaz.
    The interior of the Schwaz church.
    A view east of Stans-bei-Schwaz.
    Schloss Tratzberg, west of Jenbach.
    A view up the Inn from near Jenbach.
    The Gasthaus Post in Strass.
    Schloss Matzen, west of Brixlegg.
    The Gasthof Herrnhaus in Brixlegg.
    Rattenberg and the Inn.
    The tower of the Rattenberg castle.
    A view east from the Rattenberg castle.
    The Baroque interior of the Rattenberg church.

      Downstream from Rattenberg to Kufstein:
    The meanders of the Inn near Kirchbichl.
    A farmhouse in Niederbreitenbach.
    A dam on the Inn above Kufstein.
    River traffic at Kufstein.
    Schloss Kufstein, the castle at Kufstein.



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