As we come downriver into Kufstein, we're greeted by the view above, with Festung Kufstein, the castle at Kufstein, on our right on the cliffs above the river. Just a bit farther, we get the even better view below . . .



        . . . and here is a Google Earth view of the castle from above:



        Festung Kufstein dates from at least A.D. 1205, when (according to Wikipedia) a document recorded it as Castrum Caofstein. The castle is a landmark to rail travelers, because it is visible from trains just before they enter the station here. Just a few kilometers on downriver, the Inn becomes the international boundary between Austria and Germany, so the site of Festung Kufstein is a confirmation to southbound rail travellers that they are now in Austria. It's also a landmark to travellers on the river, whom we will meet in our next stop.


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