Far upriver and early in our trip, we observed kayakers and rafters on the fast-flowing waters of the Inn. Here, just below Kufstein, these pictures from 2007 and 2008 show a very different sort of traffic on the Inn. The much more tranquil waters of the lower reaches of the Inn allow large vessels like this one, suitable for calm pleasure cruises. It's a sign of how much the Inn has changed from the beginning of our trip that use of this boat upriver would have been unthinkable, much as rafting or kayaking here would be, at the least, unthinkably boring.

Here is the same boat, the St. Nikolaus, in open water a little farther down the Inn . . . .




. . . here she is tied up at one of the local docks . . .




. . . and here is that dock and ship-stop, much like a bus-stop:




        Sadly, Wikipedia ( reports that the St. Nikolaus was sold in 2013 and was transferred to service near Hamburg. Regardless of the boats available, we can continue our virtual trip down the Inn, which will feature a very different watercraft three stops down the river.


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