We're in the center of the town of Brixlegg, where the main east-west rail line through the Inn Valley switches sides of the Inn. We're admiring the Gasthof Herrnhaus, one of the favorite places to eat in Brixlegg.
        We've been passing through the silver-mining country around and east of Schwaz. Brixlegg has instead long been known for mining of copper, and there is a modern copper-processing plant in the western part of the town today. Copper is the main constituent of bronze, and bronze shell casings were made here in World War II. As a result, Brixlegg was bombed by Allied planes on April 19, 1945, just a few days before the war ended in Europe. Earlier bombing on March 22 had destroyed the railroad bridge over the Inn, but the April bombing targeted the town, starting huge fires and leading to considerable death and destruction.



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