We're in Strass, a town on the south side of the Inn and at the mouth of the Zillertal, the valley of the Ziller River. We're looking north, so that the light gray cliffs of the Calcareous Alps on the other side of the Inn Valley provide a backdrop for the Gasthof Post in Strass.
        "Gasthof Post" or "Gasthaus Post" is common name for an Austrian hotel, because it was natural to have an inn for travelers arriving with the post and natural to have an inn where people came to pick up the post (the mail). The Gasthof Post in Strass is an exceptionally appropriate building for its location along the Inn, in that it consists mosly of tan limestone blocks like the limestones of the Calcareous Alps to the north, but with window lintels made of slate from the metamorhic Alps to the south. The Gasthof's architecture thus nicely reflects its geologic setting. (For more details, see this Gasthof's page in the Building Stone Gallery).



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