We're inside the parish church of Schwaz, the Pfarrkirche Unser Lieben Frauen Himmelfahrt. The previous church in Schwaz, which dated from the 1300s, was deemed too small as the town grew with the silver mining here, so a new larger church was begun in 1478. However, within a couple of decades that church was too small, again because of the growing population associated with mining, and the plan of the church was enlarged to the present hall-church format, broader and more open than Gothic churches.
        In the 1720s, the church was redecorated in the Baroque style, and so one has to imagine it with more painting of the ceiling and much more decorated throughout. The church maintained that aspect until 1908, when it was de-baroqued to return it to something closer to its original late-medieval look (or to its "present empty interior", as the church guidebook disapprovingly says). The church was damaged in bombing late in World War II and so has undergone restoration since then.



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