We're standing in Hall-in-Tirol and looking at Hall's most prominent landmark, the Munztürm or Mint Tower of the Hasegg Castle.
        Hall made a lot of money off the salt trade in the middle ages, but Hall literally started making money in 1477 when the Tyrolean mint was moved from Meran to Hall. The mint largely coined silver from the mines in Schwaz. The mint finally closed in 1809, during the Napoleonic wars, but today there is mint museum in the castle. Visitors to the mint can still make some money, in that a mint tour ends with the opportunity to hand-strike (in copper) a coin from the reign of Duke Sigismund in 1486 (the example below at left) and mechancially press a coin from 1506 from the reign of the Emperor Maximilian, who is shown with his wife Maria Bianca Sforza (below at right).


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