We're downriver from Innsbruck and on our way to Hall-in-Tirol, a charming medieval town. Before we get to that medieval charm, however, we ought to acknowledge the modernities of the Inn Valley too.
        We're looking northeast across the Inn flood plain at farm fields and at an electrical power station. The farm fields are typical of the floodplain: flat land for agriculture is scarce, and so east of Innsbruck most such land is used for truck farming to provide fruits and vegetables for Innsbruck and Tirol. The power station is emblematic of one of Tirol's major exports, which is electricity. Tirolean topography allows many dams and hydroelectric projects, and so Tiroler Wasserkraft (TIWAK) produces energy sufficient to power Tirol and many other areas in west-central Europe. The power lines we've seen in many pictures, and power stations like this one, are part of an economy that maintains the Tirolean prosperity also visible in these pictures.



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