This our last view of Innsbruck.  We've climbed a little bit up from the north bank of the Inn, and we're looking south across eastern Innsbruck and into the metamorphic Alps.  The colorful boxy buildings are the Olympic village area of Innsbruck.  Beyond the city in the left mid-ground is Schloss Ambras, a Habsburg castle.  In the background are the mountains: from left to right, the flank but not the top of the Patscherkofel, jagged Serles, glacier-bedecked Habicht, to the right just the tip of the Markreisenspitze, and finally the Nochspitze.

        Below, there's a closer look at Serles, from Hohe Mahd Alm on the west side of the Patscherkofel.  Goethe gave Serles the nickname "the altar to Tirol", presumably in recognition of the mountain's prominence, the mountain's three-fold form as seen from Innsbruck, and Tirol's fervent Catholicism.



        For our next view, we'll climb much higher for a view downriver to the east.


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