Throughout our Trip Down The Inn, we've seen many large Roman Catholic churches.  In addition, we've seen one mosque with its controversial minaret, one synagogue , and most recently one Evangelical church.  Here we'll make a swing through Innsbruck to visit the three places of worship of the Turkish, and thus largely Muslim, community.

First, we can go to Meinhardstrasse 8, where one goes into a courtyard and then down some stairs to a prayer room . . . .



        . . . and then to Sterzingerstrasse 6, where one goes into another courtyard behind a building with an interesting facade . . . .



        . . . and then to Amraserstrasse 108a . . .



        If there's a theme here, it's only the modest and inconspicuous nature of these places of worship.  The places of Christian worship in Innsbruck are readily apparent with their tall towers and tolling bells.  However, the synagogue that we visited recently was marked only with a small sign, and the same is true of these three places of Muslim worship.  The three are not easy to find, and they are marked with signs striving to make clear, with two flags, their association with Austria as well as Turkey.



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