On the left is a view from Innstrasse, on the north bank of the Inn in Innsbruck, looking up Schmelzergasse at the St. Nikolaus Kirche. By local standards, this is a new church, built in the 1880s. It thus has a more subdued interior than the baroque interiors of older churches, but it is nonethless beloved by its parishioners. In the distance is the Nordkette, the ridge of the Calcareous Alps north of Innsbruck.
        On the right is a different view of the same church, or at least its steeple. This view looks down the Nageltal, one of the paths that lead up the side of the Inn Valley through the neighborhoods of Hötting. This view is from the Plattenhof busstop, and the church is enlarged in the inset at upper right.


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