We're standing on the south side of the Inn near Innsbruck's Altstadt, looking across the river at the Nordkette, the ridge of the Calcareous Alps that rises abruptly to the north of Innsbruck.
        The Nordkettenbahn cable car system runs from the yellow building in Hungerburg that can be seen midway-up the right edge of the image. The lower portion of the Nordkettenbahn runs to Seegrube, the white building at the tree line in the upper left corner of the image. From there, the shorter but much steeper second leg runs up and to the right to the white building visible on the ridge about a quarter of the way across the image from left to right. The cable car runs year round, for hikers in the summer and skiers in the winter.
        The river bank has an elevation of about 575 meters (1886 feet, a typical elevation for central Kansas). The top station of the cable car run (the white building on the ridge) is at an elevation of 2269 meters (7444 feet, the elevation of Idaho Springs, Colorado, in the Rockies Front Range above Denver). The horizontal distance is 4 kilometers, or about 2.4 miles
        The church steeple visible nearer the river is that of St. Nikolaus Kirche. We'll see St. Nikolaus a few stops later, but first we'll look at the bridge just visible in the lower right of this image.



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