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We're standing on the Sieglanger bridge in western Innsbruck, looking westward and upriver. The railway we saw in our last stop makes its way through the cliffs in the distance on the right side of the river.
        There are power lines on the right side of the picture, and you may have noticed power lines in previous pictures. The Inn Valley isn't just a pretty tourist attraction, it's a thoroughfare. Because passage over the mountains is almost impossible, the Inn Valley has to be a conduit for traffic and trade. That means that power lines go up and down the Inn Valley, the railway follows the Inn (in this case on both sides, on the right to Seefeld and Mittenwald and on the left to Feldkirch and Zurich), and the autobahn follows in the Inn. You can see the autobahn on the left in this picture, and it will be our next stop, just a few meters to the left.



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