We're standing in Kematen, a town south of the Inn between Zirl and Innsbruck, and looking north across the Inn floodplain at the Calcareous Alps. The Inn here flows just under the cliffs on the flanks of the Hochwandkopf, one of the typically steep peaks of the Calcareous Alps.
        The arcade that you see halfway up the mountainside is for the railroad line that runs from Innsbruck to Seefeld, Scharnitz, Mittenwald, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The rail line is an engineering marvel, in that it climbs from Innsbruck through a series of tunnels on the south side of the Calcareous Alps. The arcade visible here is for a roof to protect the tracks from falling rock. To the left and right of the arcade, the rail line is entirely in tunnels. A ride from Innsbruck to Seefeld provides spectacular views of the Inn Valley, especially if one gets "posh" seating ("port out, starboard home" was the desired stateroom arrangement on steamships to India, and the same is true here - the view is on the left from Innsbruck out, and on the right coming home).



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