We're standing in Zirl and looking up at Zirl's "other church", a Kalvarienberg church. The difference from the parish church that we just visited is not one of denomination, it's of usage. A Kalvarienberg church sits up on a hill or mountain above a village and so topographically mimics Mt. Calvary, the site of the execution of Jesus Christ. A Kalvarienberg church is used for Easter services, so that parishioners have to walk up the hill suffering. The stations of cross, typically represented by paintings inside a Catholic church, are shown in small chapels on the way up to the Kalvarienberg (and stopping to look at them gives clmbers a chance to rest). Tirol's steep topography gives opportunities for many Kalvarienberg churches, and another sits just east of Innsbruck in the village of Arzl.        



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