We're standing on the platform of the train station (bahnhof) in Zirl, between Telfs and Innsbruck, as a local train (regionalzug) pulls in from the east. Almost any town along a rail line will have a station; occasionally even a guesthouse merits a stop on the rail line. Express trains traveling long distances won't stop at the small stations - they'll fly through without slowing. Every hour, however, a regionalzug comes through, allowing commuters and visitors easy transit from cities like Innsbruck to the small towns, or just from town to town.
        Note that we're not standing next to the station. Instead, we're on a platform (bahnsteig) out between tracks. As at almost any station on a main rail line, there's a tunnel under the tracks that must be used to get from the platform to the station, or to the other side of the rail line (behind us). The express trains passing through a station like this preclude safe passage over the tracks, so one has to go under the tracks instead.


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