This evening image shows the Gaisau pond on the Inn floodplain between Hatting and Inzing. Ducks swim in the foreground; the Calcareous Alps catch some last light in the background to the west. There's also another view of the pond in better, if less dramatic, light.

        The calm of the pond is rare contrast to the rushing waters of the Inn. Indeed, the Gaisau pond is a rarety along the Inn: almost all of the Inn floodplain is farmland today. The floodwalls of the Inn (which we've already seen) and channelization of the streams entering the Inn (which we'll see downriver) have left the floodplain a well-drained set of fields. Before human agriculture and management of the river, however, the Inn's floodplain would have many more marshes and ponds, and many more waterfowl. Gaisau is one last charming and haunting reminder of the original condition of the Inn's floodplain.



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