We're looking across the Inn Valley northward from Pfaffenhofen to Telfs. A line of trees about midway up the picture hides the Inn, and a nearer and less continuous line hides the main east-west rail line. One of the light gray peaks of the Calcareous Alps rises up on the other side of the valley.
        Like many Tirolean towns, much of Telfs sits on a alluvial fan. An alluvial fan is a broad half-cone of sediments deposited at the mouth of a steep stream valley, where the stream of the valley looses energy as it flows onto a broader plain. In this case, the stream in the valley slightly left of center has built the fan on which we see Telfs sloping down toward the Inn. Towns sit up on these fans because the elevation of the fans provides protection from flooding by the Inn, but the streams coming down onto the fans of course flood occasionally too.


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