This south-facing picture from Landeck melds three images of the confluence of the Inn at the left with the Sanna at the right. The Inn comes down from easternmost Switzerland, where it is the En, and in Landeck it is joined by the Sanna. The Sanna flows down from far western Tirol and is itself the confluence of the Rosana and Trisanna.

        In this view, Schloss Landeck (seen at our last stop) is the light-colored structure with two towers in the distance. More evident at left is the Donau Chemie (Danube Chemical) plant on the south side of the Inn.

        The railway from Innsbruck to Switzerland, just visible on the bridge at mid-left, has come up the Inn Valley from Innsbruck, which is to the left in this south-facing view. The same is true of the A12 autobahn. Here both leave the Inn Valley and go up the valley of the Sanna and then the Rosanna to Vorarlberg (Austria's westernmost land) and thence to Switzerland.

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