The 2003 UNO-Innsbruck Geology Field Trip Group at the Gaisbergferner Glacier above Obergurgl in the Ötztal of Tirol. From Left: Bruce Railsback, Dave Blevins, Wolfgang Wippler, Dean Rojek (completely obscured, except for his hat), a guest of Dean Rojek, Andy Kavoori's younger son (in red jacket), Carl Malmgren, Ashley Damhorst, Carl Weems (with arms outstretched but otherwise obscured), Andi Kavoori's older son (in a lime green jacket), Andy Kavoori (in the back), David Tramonte, Caroline Lane (bent forward), Jaclyn Bridges, Jay Howell, Brooke Digby, Kate Hawkins, Lillian Luffey (in red jacket), Robert Schwing, Camille Breland, Sarah Craig, Lyndsey Berryman (in red head to toe), Kacey Marshall, Sara Stanford, Bill Blount, and Dan Bridges.

  You can still see the 2002 Group picture too!

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