A Walk up Maria Theresien Strasse

by Bruce Railsback, Visiting Professor of Geology, UNO-Innsbruck

This page begins a series of eleven pages with images from along Maria Theresien Strasse in Innsbruck, Austria. To be technical, it actually begins on Leopoldstrasse, the extension of Maria Theresien Strasse south of the Arch, and it goes on to Herzog Friederich Strasse, the extension of Maria Theresien Strasse into Innsbruck's Altstadt. The photographs were taken on the afternoon of Monday, 22 July 2002, between 14:30 and 15:30 (2:30 and 3:30 pm) by Bruce Railsback with an Olympus OM-10 using 100 ASA slide film and a shutter speed of 1/125 s.

You can walk through the images using the "next image" links on each page, or you can select images from the list below, returning to this page after each.


The walk: On to the first image.

The images:
Image 1: the Arch.
Image 2: The Serviten Kirche.
Image 2c: The Altes Landhaus.
Image 2h: Baroque buildings on Maria Theresien Strasse.
Image 3: The Annasäule.
Image 4: The Stadtturm.
Image 5: The Goldenes Dachl.
Image 6 :The Goldenes Dachl and Heibling Haus from above.
Image 7: The Jakobsdom from above.
Image 8: Hötting from the Stadtturm.
Image 9: The Jakobsdom from below.


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