View Going Places and Doing Things in and around Innsbruck:
        Pages with practical information about being in Innsbruck (and elsewhere in Austria)

Eating Out.

Riding the Bus.

Riding Trains.

Walking the Streets.

View Innsbruck weather:

Tiscover Weather's forecast.

The BBC's forecast.'s forecast.

The Weather Underground's forecast.

Train Image Travel:

The Austrian Rail System (ÖBB).
The German Rail System (DeutscheBahn).
The Italian Rail System (Ferrovie).
The The Zillertal Train System (Jenbach to Mayrhofen).

Busses in Innsbruck (IVB).
Busses in and around Innsbruck (IVB and VVT).
Post-Busses (IVB).

Map Hiking:

Some favorite hikes and day trips.

A crude map of the area around Innsbruck

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