GEOL 4320/6320 Exercise 0: Simple contouring

Your assignment is to contour elevation data on a map.  You should envision the data as representing the position of a rock layer that we will call "Layer 23", with the data as elevations in feet above sea level.  For students who have not contoured data before, the point of the exercise is to gain familiarity with the basics of contouring and map-making.  For students who have contoured topographic data, the point of the exercise is to learn to not envision subsurface geological surfaces like landscapes eroded by streams but instead to envision them as layers of rock.  The resulting map should have a block or area giving a title, the name of the person who constructed the map, the contour interval, and the date. 

This exercise will be due as a paper document at 3:30:00 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2015. Grades on late submissions will be lowered by 20% per calender day until the graded submissions are handed back, after which late submissions will not be accepted.

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