GEOL 4320/6320 Exercise 3: Making a cross section through and map of the Crowistan Concession 1

To develop an understanding of the Bulldawg Petroleum concession in Crowistan, your assignment is to

1) Complete your structural cross-section of the four logs from holes with 25N coordinates in the Crowistan Geodetic System, tracing the correlation of at least the Ashtonia, Clippardville, Cox's Mills, and Hancock Hills formations. Label those horizons and any other horizons or features that you trace.

2) Make another structural cross-section along a line of your choice, following the directions in Exercise 1 and tracing and labeling at least the horizons listed in Item 1 of this exercise. Henceforth, similar assignments will assume that you know to label your work and to show the vertical exaggeration of your cross-sections.

3) Map a structure-contour map of the top of the Hancock Hills Formation, labeling your contours or other features.

This exercise will be due on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 3:30:00 pm.

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