GEOL 4320/6320 Exercise _: A structural cross section

        At the request of your company, the Blockistani Ministry of Natural Resources has released for your examination the logs of nine more boreholes.  The BMNR has also provided a map of the envisioned concession showing both its area and the Blockistani system of locating geographic features.
        Your assignment is to construct a structural cross section from these logs, and to write a document of no more than 300 words summarizing (a) the geology revealed by this cross section, (b) the presence of any petroleum accumulations, and (c) the potential for further petroleum accumulations that can be inferred from what you have learned. 

        At the least, you should trace the tops in the Chancellor #1 Frett from well to well across your cross section.  Doing so will lead you to find many of the important geological features.  You may want to review the lecture on subsurface geology, both to review how to construct a cross-section and to see how geologists typically label geological features on cross sections.  You also may find it useful to look at the figures of Bjørlykke's Chapter 12 to see some of the structural styles shown there.

        The logs are available as both pdf and jpeg files:
Tract 69 pdf and jpeg file. 
Tract 70 pdf and jpeg file .
Tract 71 pdf and jpeg file. 
Tract 72 pdf and jpeg file. 
Tract 73 pdf and jpeg file. 
Tract 74 pdf and jpeg file. 
Tract 75 pdf and jpeg file. 
Tract 76 pdf and jpeg file. 
Tract 77 pdf and jpeg file. 
Tract 78 pdf and jpeg file. 

Map: pdf and jpeg file. 

The cross-section and report, which are required of all students on the Grads and Advanced Undergrads grading scheme (which is almost everyone), are due at the beginning of class on Thursday, October 20, 2011.

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