GEOL 4320/6320 Exercise 5: (Simple) Log analysis

This exercise asks you to apply your understanding of well logs to a synthetic log specifically generated for this exercise. The log is available as both a pdf and jpeg file. Your assignment is the following:

1) Use lines on the log to divide the strata into units of differing lithology and/or porosity and/or pore fluids. Number these n units on your log, from 1 at the bottom to n at the top. The number of such units should be between 10 and 25.

2) Generate a list indicating the lithology. For porous lithologic units, indicate the % porosity and the pore fluids of each such numbered unit. If calibration of the density and porosity logs becomes relevant, we will assume that Deadwood Logging uses the same tools and procedures as Schlumberger, that other logging company.

This assignment is due on Tuesday, September 29, 2015, at 3:30:00 pm.

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