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Lecture 17 (Wednesday, Feburary 27): Earth's Interior

Brief outline of this lecture:
Evidence about Earth's interior.
Inferred passage of seismic waves through the earth.
Earth's internal structure.
Applied Reflection Seismology

Main points of this lecture:
We don't have much direct information about Earth's deep interior.
Passage (and non-passage) of seismic waves is some of our best information about Earth's interior.
Passage of seismic waves is consistent with a solid inner core but liquid outer core.
The mantle makes up most of the Earth.
We can learn about Earth's structure with human-induced shaking of the Earth.

Figures used in this lecture:
Evidence about Earth's Interior
Observations of Seismic Waves Across the Earth
(Inferred) Passage of S waves through the Earth
(Inferred) Passage of P waves through the Earth
Conclusions about Earth's Interior

Reading assignment: None.

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