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Lecture 14 (Wednesday, February 20): Earthquakes and Seismology

Brief outline of this lecture:
Earthquake basics
Earthquake waves
Seismographs and seismograms
Locating earthquakes

Main points of this lecture:
Earthquakes are generated by motion along faults.
Elastic rebound at faults explains the origin of earthquakes.
Earthquakes consist of different kinds of waves.
Seismograms provide clues as to the distance to an earthquake and the magnitude of an earthquake.

Figures used in this lecture:
Earthquakes and elastic rebound
Earthquake Waves I
Earthquake Waves II
Locating Earthquakes I
Locating Earthquakes II

Reading assignments:
          pp. 67-75.
          Animations of waves (our P waves are longitudinal waves, our S waves are transverse waves, Raleigh waves are Rayeigh waves, and we don't have to worry about water waves). This takes a hearty browser and a while to load, but it's worth the wait.

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