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Lecture 9 (Monday, February 4): Metamorphic Rocks

Brief outline of this lecture:
The process of metamorphism
Foliation and lineation
Some common metamorphic rock types
Metamorphic rocks as records of pressure and temperature

Main points of this lecture:
Metamorphism involves solid-state change of pre-existing rocks to new rocks in equilibrium with their environment.
Some minerals are useful indicators of the pressure and temperature at which a particular rock formed.
Metamorphic conditions vary with plate-tectonic setting and geologic setting.

Figures used in this lecture:
Foliation and lineation
A schematic explanation of metamorphism - Part I
A schematic explanation of metamorphism - Part II
Some metamorphic rocks
Stability fields of some familiar minerals under metamorphic conditions
Metamorphic conditions and locations

Reading assignment: Page 37.

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