A note for prospective students who are not native speakers of English:

Prospective graduate students who are not native speakers of English (i.e., for whom English was not their first language) should be aware that only under certain conditions will they be able to study with Bruce Railsback in the Department of Geology at the University of Georgia. That is because the Department of Geology of the University of Georgia will not grant a teaching assistantship to a student who is not a native speaker of English, unless the student can in person demonstrate proficiency in speaking English. Thus such a student would only have reason to apply to work with Railsback if . . . .

    If they have already taught at a university in the United States and can thereby demonstrate proficiency in speaking, and teaching in, English, or

    If they can visit the University of Georgia before January 15 of the spring in which they are applying and pass a test here to demonstrate proficiency in speaking English, or

    If the professor with whom they would study (Railsback in this case) has funding to support a research assistantship for the student, or

    If the student has funding of their own sufficient to cover out-of-state (non-resident) tuition, fees, and living expenses.

It is not clear how strictly this rule is enforced for European students, but Railsback has found that it is strictly enforced in our department with regard to students from outside the United States, Canada, and Europe. Therefore, a non-native speaker of English should not apply (and waste the money for their application of fee) unless they can accomplish one of the four exceptions above.

I apologize for the unfairness of this policy, which is not of my making.


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